We want to make accessing the Internet as easy as turning on a tap, so there's a few things that we do differently to your current ISP.

Make it simple

Combine your services.

Tello's One Account groups all of your telecommunications needs into one account. Any combination of ADSL, NBN, phones and tablets are bundled into your account, all sharing usage from the same pool.

  • One place to manage all of your broadband and phone services.
  • Easily add and remove devices as your family's needs change.
  • Per device reporting to show past and forecasted future usage.


Share pools of data between your devices.

Share a common pool of usage between all of the devices on your account. You can set how much a device can use and when your pool is empty, you simply fill it up again.

Share pools of data between your devices.
  • Giant pools of data that never expire.
  • To the minute forecast showing you how long before your pool needs to be refilled.
  • Set limits on how much of a pool a device can use per day, week or month.

Save money

Simple billing with a low cost on data and calls

An average Tello customer saves up to 40% on their total telecommunication bills, and reclaims valuable time managing their services.

  • Consolidate your quotas into giant pools with a low cost per GB of data and call minutes.
  • Pools never expire so you don't waste money on monthly quotas that you don't use.
  • Fewer and simpler bills, one monthly bill for your devices and as needed for your pool refills.

Enjoy yourself

In-built Internet filtering and parental controls.

Because everything online comes through your Tello account, in just a few clicks you can customise what is allowed and what isn’t. Filter out social media if you choose or choose when to allow it.
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Share pools of voice and data between your devices.
  • Filter websites depending if it's adult, gambling, news, educational, humour or any of 80 other categories.
  • Filtering is done in the cloud so it works on any device without needing any app or software.
  • Filters can be enabled per device or time of day to restrict access during homework, late at night or only on the kids' tablets.

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